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Healthcare or agricultural management? Software development or carpentry? STX, HHX, EUD, og HTX? There are over 100 degrees you can earn in Horsens, and you can read about them here.


How would you like to spend your student days in an education hub with tonnes of different possibilities? As a student at VIA University College you will meet all kinds of majors in the Friday bar. Students from more than 60 different nations attend the new campus in Horsens, and you can study everything from engineering and construction to teaching or nursing. What all the degrees have in common are opportunities for internships and collaborative projects with businesses to solve real challenges.

Learn more about your opportunities at VIA Campus Horsens right here.

The Basic Health Care College prepares you for a career where you will always be able to find meaning in what you do. The job involves helping people who genuinely depend on you and making a difference every day. In short: You are going to be a superhero. Degrees available are social and health care assistant, child care assistant or EUX Velfærd, which gives you a high school diploma as well.

For more information, visit the website for SOSU-skolen (in Danish).
Or contact the college via e-mail at:

Bygholm Agricultural College is the place for you if you dream of becoming a veterinarian, of producing the food of the future, running a modern farm, or getting a degree in agricultural management. Because you always have to become a farmer because you attend Bygholm. The training here prepares you for working with animals, plants, machinery, nature, and the environment, so there is a range of job opportunities waiting for you. You also have the option to study further to become a veterinarian or agronomist. An added bonus to studying at Bygholm is that the courses alternate between classroom teaching and practical learning as a trainee on a farm. You will receive both theoretical and practical training in agricultural machinery, welding and engine repair, in the cowshed, in the pig stable and in the field.

Find out more at Bygholm Agricultural College's website (in Danish).
Or contact the college via e-mail at:

Learnmark Tech is a huge education hub. Here you will find 26 future-proof vocational training programs under one roof, ready for students who hope to earn a good salary as a tradesperson, pursue higher education, or become self-employed in e.g. construction, food service, or repairs. In the coming years there will be a shortage of tradespeople with high-level practical and theoretical foundations – and internships are available here in the Horsens area.

Check out your options at Learnmark Techs website.

Learnmark Business is the place for students to become fully prepared for a future career in retail, trade, events, and administration. You can choose degrees like EUX-Business, that gives you a high school diploma as well as a professional skill, and EUD-Business, which trains sales experts for the retail of the future. Here you will learn more than how to be a salesperson. You will also become an expert in e-commerce, innovation, events and marketing trends. Sound good?

For more information, visit Learnmarks website (in Danish).

Or contact the school via e-mail at:

Perhaps you already know this business college? They are a good name to remember if you can see yourself working with administration, communication, management, marketing, media, sales, purchasing, or entrepreneurship. At Dania Academy in Horsens, you can earn degrees in business administration or trade at an institution with lots of practical training, assignments based in real life, and good job opportunities. The college emphasises broad knowledge and gives you great versatility within your field, so your career is ready to take off when you receive your diploma after two years.

For more information, visit


The HHX diploma at Learnmark is perfect if you want to learn about finance, marketing, innovation, language, and globalization. Perhaps you hope to one day start your own business? Manage the finances or marketing of a large international company? Develop new products? Master languages like Chinese, Spanish, German, English, or French? Get to grips with the stock market and the law? And perhaps you dream of going on to get an advanced degree in language, economy, or marketing after high school?

Then you should definitely read more about Learnmark HHX (in Danish).

At Learnmark HTX, students learn to develop new technology and medicine, and healthier foods. Their subjects include environmentally friendly energy, design, science, and programming. They prefer to experiment rather than follow a manual. And they collaborate on large projects, solve everyday problems, and develop strong study skills that prepare them for higher education in technology or science. Does that sound like your kind of thing?

Read more about it at Learnmark's website (in Danish).

At Horsens Gymnasium and HF you will experience a variety of different disciplines, subjects, communities, and students. You can earn an STX or HF high school diploma to prepare you for higher education. You can also be part of the Academy of Young Talents, SubUniversity, or DM in Science. Every day here has both serious and fun aspects, and you will be part of an ambitious environment that emphasises both your social and academic life.

Learn more about it at Horsens Gymnasium and HF's website (in Danish).

HF and VUC in Horsens offers training programs for both young and mature students. HF offers a two-year high school diploma, various single subjects, distance education and an advanced programme to prepare you for university. VUC is for adults to take courses at grade 7-10 level and offers free preparatory courses and training for people with dyslexia.

Learn about your options at HF og VUC (in Danish).

Is you dream to combine elite sport and secondary school? No problem! Choose Sports College Horsens to be part of a unique elite sports environment with modern facilities while taking your 10th grade, HHX, HTX, HF, STX, or VET diploma in Horsens.

For more information, visit (in Danish).

Or contact our Elite Sport Consultant, Søren, via e-mail at:

Want to boost your creative skills in the visual arts? Then The Visual High School is the right choice for you. You can choose this programme as an add-on to your high school education to become part of a creative community across the high schools in Horsens. Perhaps you dream of a career in design, architecture, or art? The visual high school allows you to take on all these disciplines and will give you a huge creative boost.

For more information, visit the Visual High School's website (in Danish).

Or contact Jannik Broz, leader of The Visual High School, via e-mail at:

The Public Library

At the public library, Horsens Bibliotek, you will find assistance, materials, and study rooms to help you. You can borrow books, magazines, audio books, movies, games and much more.


Writing an essay?

Horsens Library has compiled an overview of the most important resources they provide for you, so you can find the materials you need for your assignment.



You can access a whole range of newpapers, magazines and e-books from anywhere - free of charge - as long as you have internet access. You just need to live in the municipality and be registered as a borrower at one of the libraries.